I received a copy of this notice in my email the other day. Nine-five percent of the Prayer Shawls I make go to this organization. I’ve been involved for about 8 years, and while the number of shawls that I’ve made are small, it still makes me feel incredibly proud to be a member of this group. Our prayer shawls mainly go to Dover Air Force Base, given out to family members who are at Dover to meet their service member who made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. I began to make the shawls after my Daddy passed. I felt so lost I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. Since Daddy was a retired Navy chief I made the shawls in his honor. Fortunately, after a few years, not nearly as many shawls were needed, so I began reaching out to hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses with my crochet. While I might be retired I need to be useful, and this my way. So I thank PS4FS.org for the opportunities they gave me to be useful again.

8000 Prayer Shawl

Everything’s coming up cozies!!

I had some squares left over from making street lightpole cozioes for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival last month.  I donated the squares “to the cause” in case they were needed, and last week I received a picture of a third cozy someone made in my name using those squares.  I can’t begin to take full credit – I’m just glad they were of use to the group.  I’m posting a picture of the cozy on this page since I did have a hand in it’s creation.  I considered editing the first page to add the picture but couldn’t remember how to do it.

Cozy 3

I’m working on several large projects so there probably won’t be too many craft pictures for a while.  I needed a project or two to get me through the long winter days and nights, so I’m posting a peek at one of them now.

This “peek” is my progress in Helen Shrimpton’s Rosslyn pattern and can be found on Ravelry or on her website.  It’s the most wonderful pattern, rows 1 through 29 here.  I’m just loving it.

Rosslyn Row 28


A brazen Vigilante

For the past several weeks I’ve been involved in a program with the Saint Paul Cozy community of artists.  Quoting from our Facebook Group page:

Saint Paul Cozy is a community-sourced, yarn-bombing project that aims to bring color and cheer to Downtown St. Paul. The project involves wrapping 158 city lampposts in hand-made cozies. The cozies will be installed along 4th Street from Rice Park to CHS prior to the 2018 St. Paul Winter Carnival.

The project is led by the Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown, with support from the the St. Paul Saints Art Program.


Exhibit Dates: Jan 25 – March 4, 2018
Scope: 12 city blocks, 158 Lampposts
Location: Downtown St. Paul on 4th Street from CHS Field to Rice Park.


This is a picture of one of my cozy panels I made, as it  hangs on it’s light pole. lol  The twitter link is from a Saint Paul Pioneer Press article and tweet.  I haven’t done anything this fun in a long time and wanted to share.

I also made a second cozy, comprized of 6″ granny squares I had laying around.  I was surprised it took me a day and a half to put  them together, but again, was a lot of fun. lol


The free pattern for the ice castle can be found on Ravelry.  It’s called “Sandcastle Kawaii Cuddler.”  She has some wonderful patterns so I’m sure this won’t be the last pattern of hers that I make.


Apache Tears Hat

Christmas is coming much quicker than I’m ready for, although for once I think I’m okay with progress of my crocheting.  So far I’ve finished making both my grands their hats (pictures to follow once pom poms are done) as well as making a new hat for myself.  The Apache Tears Hat can be found on Ravelry.  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/apache-tears-hat

Apache Tears Hat (2)


My local chapter of CGOA is making hats and scarves for the homeless and I have a few on my hooks, but I have a month or so before they have to be turned in.  I also want to make a dozen or so of some hats for my local NICU, so I guess I’ll be able to stay busy before Christmas..lol.




Bubblegum Shawl

I made this shawl in July and August 2017, finishing about a week after finishing the Sweet Caroline pillow front. This is another Helen Shrimpton pattern, on Ravelry, and I fell in love with it at first sight.  The biggest note I have about this pattern is that the correct count is absolutely necessary so the bobbles fall correctly.  I made an Excel chart to help me out on that point, and I counted each half row as I completed it.  I’m not sure I can remember when I last did a project without at least one single crochet fudged…lol.

Bubble-gum shawl

Sweet Caroline Pillow

I started this project in August, but between one project and other, a CGOA conference, along with this and that (moving, seeing my daughter off to South America, etc.) it took me until November to finish up.   The name of this pattern is Sweet Caroline, and it’s a free pattern by Helen Shrimpton and can be found at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sweet-caroline

I followed Helen’s colors and just love the finished product.  Thanks so much for a fabulous pattern, Helen.