Its a mystery

Good evening y’all!

I’ve learned a valuable lesson here on WordPress…don’t save a draft, because I might not (probably not) find it

Yesterday evening I wrote quite a bit, but storms were moving in, so I saved my writing in draft form.  When I tried to find it today it was no where to be found..argh!! It’s the story of my life when it comes to the computer, among other things. lol  After giving it some time I tried again tonight and I still can’t find the darned thing.  So, I’m starting over. 🙂

Today was still a day with lousy weather and as such my joints are giving me fits.  I did manage to finish up the last row of a granny square that I started last night, and I’ve worked on learning a new stitch (the Celtic weave stitch) on You watching the closed captioned text in a Spanish video ~ and I wonder why I’m struggling with the  I’ve “mastered” the first row, but the second row? — not so much.  It doesn’t help that half of the times that I paused the video I bounced to another vid when I started the original back up. Oy!!  I bummed around Pinterest, saved a bunch of free patterns and Facebook today, did a little bit of housework (ewwww), fiddled with some correspondence and made some calendar entries.

When I retired I quietly promised myself that I’d stay organized.  Since I’m only doing “fair-to-middling” I bought myself a silver glittery, snazzy, (cheap) calendar book at Target a few weeks ago.  I’m doing pretty good entering various events and CALs, what I’m not doing yet is remembering to check it the night before to see what’s coming up in the next day or

Well, I’m off to see what else I can do this evening to get into  Sweet dreams!!

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