During 2015 I moved from Virginia to Minnesota taking this project with me, half made, in her own suitcase.  I was half afraid that the son who helped carry said suitcase would find out what was inside…lol.  I worked on her during the 3 months I waited for an apartment to be found and moved into.  Said son didn’t say a word…bless him.. and some work in the fall finished her up.  I would have loved to put Sophie in the State of Minnesota fair, but I wasn’t sure how to do it, so instead, I enjoyed her here, at the foot of my bed.

By-the-way, the pattern itself can be found at under the name of Sophie’s Universe.  I believe that this CAL was the huge success it was (over 35,000 registered members of the group) simply because of Dedri Uys.  The tutorials and patterns are second to none, and there wasn’t any talk about paying for the pattern.  I can only guess at the different things she taught us about crocheting and life in general.  I’m sure there were trouble makers, but I missed most of it.  I made some good friends in the group and there’s nothing like posting a picture only to have almost 500 people like it, and over 250 comment on it.  lol  I’ve been involved with a fair number of CALs since then, but only one or two that almost reached the level of Sophie.  I’ve seen a few I might have enjoyed but I can’t afford to pay for the pattern especially if I buy the expensive yarn that’s being hawked by the designer(s).

This is the first time I’ve used the photo editor — and optimized the picture so it hopefully won’t be too big.   Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer it.










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