Shell Beanie

I made this beanie last month (November 2016), but completely forgot to add this project to my blog.  To be completely honest I can’t always remember how to add an entry to my blog, and then I forget about the it’s doomed!  This was made as a chemo cap for my niece.  It was sent to her over the weekend so I’m hoping she gets it soon.  I used Lion Brand’s Landscape yarn and just loved it.  The yarn is so soft and I loved the happy rainbow colors.  I don’t think it’s warm enough to use up here in Minnesota (Saturday’s temp is forcast as -23 deg F…brrrrrr!!!!), but she lives in Florida so hopefully it’ll be warm enough for Florida and fit (she’s so tiny so it’s a good thing I love her … lol).


Here’s the link to the pattern:

I really hope she likes it. 🙂

Dec 18, 2017 Update:

My niece reports that she received the hat and loves it.  Whew!! LOL




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