A Christmas Bluebird

When I was a little girl my grandmother, born in 1900 and who was extremely superstitious, had a bird on her Christmas tree that was kind of out of character for the rest of her designer tree.  When I asked why (I always was a curious little thing…lol) she told me it was for good luck for the upcoming year.

Years later, when my mother was putting up the tree she told me the “Legend” was that it was a bluebird that good luck so… she always had a bluebird on her tree.

When I married and we started putting up our own tree for our little ones, I also put a bluebird on my tree.  This year, 2016, for the first time since 2009 (I think) my daughter bought and we actually put up a Christmas tree.  I noticed that my bluebird had flown the coop.  I still can’t imagine where she is, but I had to put a bluebird on the tree since our family can definitely use some good luck in 2017.  Since “the weather outside was frightful” and since we have an apartment full of yarn..lol.. I decided to make one.  I used the pattern at: https://mitzi.blog/2016/12/29/a-christmas-bluebird

I also used a size 3.5 hook and Stylecraft yarn. The pattern is different than ones I’d used before, especially where the head and beak are concerned, so it was a fun project that taught me a new technique.  You can see by the nickle in the picture that the little bird is very small, which is good since our tree is also small…lol.  So..ta da here she is:



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