Everything’s coming up cozies!!

I had some squares left over from making street lightpole cozioes for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival last month.  I donated the squares “to the cause” in case they were needed, and last week I received a picture of a third cozy someone made in my name using those squares.  I can’t begin to take full credit – I’m just glad they were of use to the group.  I’m posting a picture of the cozy on this page since I did have a hand in it’s creation.  I considered editing the first page to add the picture but couldn’t remember how to do it.

Cozy 3

I’m working on several large projects so there probably won’t be too many craft pictures for a while.  I needed a project or two to get me through the long winter days and nights, so I’m posting a peek at one of them now.

This “peek” is my progress in Helen Shrimpton’s Rosslyn pattern and can be found on Ravelry or on her website.  It’s the most wonderful pattern, rows 1 through 29 here.  I’m just loving it.

Rosslyn Row 28


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