Prayer Shawls

I received a copy of this notice in my email the other day. Nine-five percent of the Prayer Shawls I make go to this organization. I’ve been involved for about 8 years, and while the number of shawls that I’ve made are small, it still makes me feel incredibly proud to be a member of this group. Our prayer shawls mainly go to Dover Air Force Base, given out to family members who are at Dover to meet their service member who made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. I began to make the shawls after my Daddy passed. I felt so lost I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. Since Daddy was a retired Navy chief I made the shawls in his honor. Fortunately, after a few years, not nearly as many shawls were needed, so I began reaching out to hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses with my crochet. While I might be retired I need to be useful, and this my way. So I thank for the opportunities they gave me to be useful again.

8000 Prayer Shawl

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