Apache Tears Hat

Christmas is coming much quicker than I’m ready for, although for once I think I’m okay with progress of my crocheting. ¬†So far I’ve finished making both my grands their hats (pictures to follow once pom poms are done) as well as making a new hat for myself. ¬†The Apache Tears Hat can be found on Ravelry.¬† https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/apache-tears-hat

Apache Tears Hat (2)


My local chapter of CGOA is making hats and scarves for the homeless and I have a few on my hooks, but I have a month or so before they have to be turned in.¬† I also want to make a dozen or so of some hats for my local NICU, so I guess I’ll be able to stay busy before Christmas..lol.




Bubblegum Shawl

I made this shawl in July and August 2017, finishing about a week after finishing the Sweet Caroline pillow front. This is another Helen Shrimpton pattern, on Ravelry, and I fell in love with it at first sight. ¬†The biggest note I have about this pattern is that the correct count is absolutely necessary so the bobbles fall correctly. ¬†I made an Excel chart to help me out on that point, and I counted each half row as I completed it. ¬†I’m not sure I can remember when I last did a project without at least one single crochet fudged…lol.

Bubble-gum shawl

Sweet Caroline Pillow

I started this project in August, but between one project and other, a CGOA conference, along with this and that (moving, seeing my daughter off to South America, etc.) it took me until November to finish up. ¬† The name of this pattern is Sweet Caroline, and it’s a free pattern by Helen Shrimpton and can be found at¬†https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sweet-caroline

I followed Helen’s colors and just love the finished product. ¬†Thanks so much for a fabulous pattern, Helen.




Sweet Caroline Pillow

Since returning from the Crochet Convention in Chicago last month I’ve been working on this project .¬† It took me about a week, from start to finish, so it’s a relatively quick project, which I like — a lot!! lol¬† I started this on August 5th and finished on August 21, 2017.¬† I still need to work up the back, but since I already have the pillow form it shouldn’t take me longer than a week or so to finish up completely.

The pattern can be found at Helen Shrimpton’s website:¬† http://www.crystalsandcrochet.com/crochet/introducing-sweet-caroline-mini-cal/¬† She also has a Facebook group and a Pinterest page.¬† She’s a truly wonderful designer and I love her work.


Crochet Conference ~ Chicago

My daughter, Amy, and I spent this past week and weekend just outside Chicago, in Itasca (from July 26 through July 29).  We went down a day early to have time for a little sightseeing.  The train trip down to Chicago was a lot longer than advertised (by 3.5 hours or so..lol) and it was about 45 minutes to our motel, with 4 other ladies from our chapter that went down to Chicago via Amtrak).

The next day (Wednesday, July 25) we went to Chicago where we saw the musical Aladdin, which was beyond excellent. ¬†I had almost as much fun watching the kids who were there to see the play as I did watching the production itself. ¬†We weren’t allowed to take pictures while the play was on, but we snapped a couple of pictures outside the Cadillac Palace, which is fabulous all by itself.


Amy and I had dinner at an old-fashioned diner across the street from the theater, and we then went to the Navy Pier where they’re having an exhibit about the Rolling Stones. We didn’t see the exhibit itself, but on the corner for everyone to see, was a tribute to Mick Jagger’s tongue. I couldn’t resist, and had Amy take my picture in front of the tongue. ¬†lol

Rolling Stone Exhibit
Rolling Stone Exhibit

I was there to attend the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) but we went a little early to sightsee in Chicago, and on Thursday I jumped in with both feet (or maybe it should be hands?) lol.. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but here are a few of the ones I did take:

On the next leg of our tour, the Navy Pier, we went on a boat tour of the Chicago River learning all sorts of things about the Chicago skyline.  When The Trump Tower came into view I noticed that everyone on the boat who had a camera was snapping a picture (including Amy and me). lol


The next day (Thursday) I started attending The Chainlink Crochet Conference, which is why we went to Chicago in the first place..lol.  I took lots of classes teaching different techniques and stitches, all taught by stars of the crochet world who create some of the beatiful designs we make.  I had a blast meeting some of the ladies I really admire, and it was lots of fun.

There was also a membership meeting, a PJ Party hosted by Red Heart, a design contest, and¬†a fashioned show¬†and banquet sponsored by Leisure Arts. ¬†At each event, we were given fabulous yarns, and gave out some gifts we had made. ¬† I even won the crocheted bowl filled with yarn center piece on our banquet table. ¬†(There was also a “store” in one of the rooms that was my idea of heaven.) ¬†Oh my, so much beauty in one little space…lol. We received some coloring books & colored pencils, hooks, knitting looms, a yarn bowl, a couple of yarn baskets and I’m not ¬†sure what else. ¬†I also bought some yarn made in South Africa that ¬†I can hardly wait to start using. ¬†It’s so light weight and so yummy!! ¬†Here’s a picture of the yarn and other goodies I received that Amy managed, somehow, to stuff into my suitcase without having to leave my clothes behind..lol.

As you can see it was pure magic that Amy managed to get it all in..lol.

The biggest problem is that there weren’t any eateries in or around the building so we ordered in for most lunches and dinners. ¬†Since the trip down to Chicago had been so long and, if I’m honest, hard on me, we flew home from O’Hare, in the first class section. ¬†I hardly knew what to do receiving a cup of coffee while we were still on the ground. ¬†After reaching 10,000 feet they brought me another cup. ¬†It was a rare treat, and I’m eternally thankful for Amy helping me to get to the conference itself as well as our side trips and tours.

I have to go, now, to find someplace to store all my goodies..lol.